Programme & ActivitiesFB2016_A3Poster_AW

  • Fun Activities for Adults
  • Dedicated Children’s Programme for the whole weekend (4-16 year old)
  • Structured Study of Surah Maryam with National and International Guest Instructors
  • Inspiring Evening Lectures
  • Family Story Nights
  • The Game Show
  • Interactive Learning through Dramatizations
  • Congregational Prayers
  • Night Prayers
  • Qur’an Circles for all levels
  • Mothers and Toddlers Area
  • Fathers and Toddlers Area




What is special about the Family Break programme?

The FamilyBreak is your family’s opportunity to take a break from your busy lives, relax and unwind in beautiful accommodation and surroundings, have loads of fun and be inspired.

With loads of meaningful and inspiring sessions, we hope it will provide you food for thought for the whole family. PLUS outside of these sessions we have provided loads of fun and stimulating activities and games for Adults along with amazing food and refreshments throughout the weekend. As usual, we have an absolutely exceptional Youth programme where they will be occupied the whole weekend with fun, enjoyable and beneficial activities.

A real break not only for the kids now, but a relaxing break for the parents too. This is a real step up for those looking for a nice short break right in the heart of England, a home away from home.