Why Family Break is just for YOU!FB2016_A3Poster

Whisk you and your family to a real break away from your everyday lives. Take a break, Relax & Unwind in amazing settings within the countrysides of Beautiful England; Leave your kids to enjoy the Fun and Stimulating Youth programme while YOU indulge yourself in thoroughly stimulating and Fun activities of your own;  Sit, Chill and have a gastronomic experience to remember with delicious food and drinks throughout the weekend; And  to top it all off, prepare to BE Inspired with thought provoking lectures and soul enriching recitation of the Qur’an each morning

Relax & Unwind
Have Fun
Be Inspired

With AMAZING ADULT ACTIVITIES for all the brothers and sisters, this will be an opportunity to have a real holiday just outside of London, a holiday close to home with a difference.

With a YOUTH PROGRAMME for children aged from 4yrs to 16yrs, your children will have a fun and enjoyable time in an uplifting and Islamic environment and a well structured programme.

This is the ideal break to come relax, unwind, have fun and be inspired for the whole family – This is your FamilyBreak!